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Receive the best regards from who formed Santa Ana Group: "Hotel Victoria" "El Jardín Restaurant", "Posada Ingapirca" and "Excursions".

We look forward to put ourselves at your service, offering our services of lodging and gastronomy, with the highest standards of quality and service in the best place in the city of Cuenca and Ingapirca.

Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel is located in the best downtown area of Cuenca - Ecuador, El Barranco of Tomebamba River (Riverfront of Tomebamba).
The hotel is five blocks from Calderon Park, and along with several museums, beautiful squares and churches, such as La Merced Church.

El Jardín Restaurant

Our prestigious El Jardín Restaurant has been awarded worldwide by national and international tour books. We offer the best cuisine in the country.

Ingapirca Inn

Ingapirca Inn is located in the most beautiful and mysterious region that has been populated by cañaris and incas, and where the more known archaeological monument of Ecuador is located (The Ingapirca ruins). You can come to this beautiful place to rest, in an old and charming house that once belonged to an hacienda. Ingapirca Inn offers elegant social areas and well-kept gardens.


Make trips and excursions around the provinces of Azuay and Cañar, and have at your disposal the best transportation, tourist guides and the finest cuisine.